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    Perfect being

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  3. yunaresuka said: hello~~ have you ever made a post/mentioned anywhere about how you got into doing crew for tv/films? I've recently been going through your blog and I noticed you mentioned it as your job, and I'm super curious as I've always wanted to get into it. Also I looove your blog and youtube! I get distracted by all your cute pictures on your social media and blog whenever I'm trying to find a Q&A on something haha!

    Hi cutie! Surprisingly, this is not something I get asked very often, so I don’t have a post about it at the moment. I knew when I was about 15 that I wanted to work in film, so I studied hard and went to film school after high school. I graduated college with a degree in film studies and with the personal industry connections I made during school, I started working in TV shortly after. :) It’s really an industry that is all about who you know and willingness to start from the very bottom (intern or PA) & work your way up the ladder. I’m currently taking a break from film to enjoy my time as a model/youtuber, but I will go back to tv/film whenever my life stops being fun… but for now.. it’s really fun. XD

     Thanks for being awesome & sorry for distracting you in your Q&A pursuit hehehe ;u; 

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    Read my new review about lenses GEO CAFE MIMI  ♥

    *gasp* she’s so pretty! OvO

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    This Luna onepiece is from Spreepicky you can use the code “Pastelbat" to get 10% off ; v ;

    It’s super comfy but a bit too cold to wear here right now, but it’s perfect for the summer since regular kigurumis tend to get a bit too warm.
    But you could easily wear a pair of thicker tights and cardigan/sweater with this and then you are good to go (๑・ω- ) ~

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    Maleficent Makeup Tutorial: http://youtu.be/q4ifd9TZFjY

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    Unisex ‘Creep’ Bat Tee


  14. Look who has newwww BRAND packaging! I love when small businesses brand their packaging. It’s like bonus points to me heheh… AND the new boxes have windows so you can see the colors inside! 😍 Cannot wait to test out @madam_glam ‘s new deluxe line!! I will report back! Btw- you can use discount code YT10OFF for 10% off on www.madamglam.com 💅💅💅 #nailpolish #deluxe #packaging #pretty #nails

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    New print of Candy Cemetery!!!

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