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    Forget about Christmas, it’s Halloween in July!  I had an insatiable notion to draw up some ridiculously cute and spooky themes this week and came up with these adorable brand new tee designs :D!

    Haunted Twilight Castle

    Witches’ Brew

    Pumpkin Gang

    Milky Stars and Planets (the grey color represented here is printed in a true metallic silver foil, not just a ‘grey’ color :D).

    Each of these tees are printed professionally using high temperature vinyl for bold, crisp graphics on any color shirt available.  By default, they arrive on classic fit cotton womens’ tees sizes S through 2XL for $25 each plus shipping.  If that’s not the fit you’d like, you can upgrade to a slim fit womens’ or unisex cotton tee. 

    If you’d like a color on a different color tee, just let me know in your order notes (ie: I want pink planets on a pink shirt instead of the blue).  I can also do custom colors for these designs, just shoot me a note with your ideas.

    All month you can save 10% on either site with no minimum purchase by using the code HALLOWEENINJULY.

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    Japanese lace short skirts from Asian Fashion Space

    Use the code " kyeoptatokki " for 10% off your purchase
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    My first piece of lingerie (left) with my newest (right). I didn’t even realize until I checked the tags that they’re the same brand! Not adding anything else to my collection after this for the moment. 

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    ☺I follow back similar☺

    fffhhhaaahah that third one

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    25 Kawaii Sweet Buttons Set

    ❤ $10.00 

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